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The reasons for buying an existing business can be condensed into three general categories:


1.To reduce some of the uncertainties and unknowns that must be faced when starting a business from the ground up


2.To acquire a business with ongoing operations and already established relationships


3.To obtain an ongoing business at a bargain price—a price below what it would cost to start a new business


Buying a business is a process that takes time.It can sometimes take years to find the right opportunity. 


Unfortunately, many buyers want to look at all available options, thinking they’ll recognize what they’re looking for when they see it. That approach usually produces frustration and valuable time and energy are lost. 


By preparing a little before you start the process, you are liekly to experience better overall results. The process of discovering and documenting your motivation, lifestyle, expectations, financial statement and résumé will help you develop your acquisition criteria.


Identifying and communicating your acquisition criteria, qualifications and experience will save time and frustration and will place you far ahead of less focused buyers.



Explore below for some helpful tips for your business search process:


Start with a self assessment:


Ask yourself why you want to buy a business. What types of work activities do you like and what kind of lifestyle do you want to pursue? It’s important to understand that there may be more work and longer hours for an owner in some industries. Be sure to include your family in the assessment.

Establish Expectations

Establish realistic financial expectations:


Determine how much money you need and want to earn. Make sure your expectations are in line with the types of businesses you are targeting and the return they can produce.

Compile Financials

Compile your personal financial statement, outlining your assets and liabilities and identifying available cash for your initial investment. 


The personal financial statement serves as proof of your financial wherewithal, so be prepared to share this document with the intermediary, lender and/or the seller early in the process.

Update Your Resume

Sellers want to be sure that their business will continue to be a success. They’re looking for someone with the experience necessary to continue their legacy and take care of the staff.


Ultimately, you’re selling yourself to the current owner(s), the lender and the professionals representing them.

Outline Acquisition Criteria

Define the parameters of your search. Ideally it should include your targeted industries, geographic area and transaction size.


Your acquisition criteria will help you demonstrate your commitment to finding the right business for you..

Enlist Help

One of the most important components of searching for and acquiring a business to meet your acquisition objectives is to engage a business intermediary who can assist you with the search, financing, due diligence and closing of a business purchase.


An intermediary will notify you of available companies that meet your criteria and qualifications and usually their fees are covered by the seller so you can enjoy the luxury of their services at no cost.

Our Goal
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Our goal is to provide a buyer with as much information as possible about different businesses so that they can make an informed decision. You can search our database to find available businesses for sale or check our Assisted Living Facility Listings. Buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality/Non Disclosure Agreement before business name, address, and financials can be released.













A buyer should be prepared to give our advisors information as to the type of business they may be interested in, the amount of cash they are working with, the amount of income they require from the business and the decision as to who will be running the business.


Unlike a home purchase, many sellers are willing to carry a note on the business if the buyer makes a sufficient down payment – typically a 50% down payment. Another difference between buying a home and a business is the fact that the business transaction can be completed in just a few short weeks rather than months.


Our job is to assist the buyer in negotiations, lease approval, writing and presenting offers to the Seller and or their agent. We sometimes act as a “go between and mediator” between the buyer and the seller and assisting the buyer in obtaining the necessary licenses and any other requirements to operate the business.


We work with both buyers and sellers to structure purchases that meet all parties requirements and cash needed to close.

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