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Next Level Planning Program


Nextage Next Level Planning Program (NLPP) is a 90 Minute Session Consultation that offers a multitude of options and addresses the questions every prospective investor or business owner should answer to maintain a successful and sustainable portfolio in Real Estate and other Business opportunities. Participants will learn how to identify opportunities and bring them to fruition by creating an action­able investment plan based on proven techniques and shrewd market research.


The ideal candidate for Nextage NLPP is an investor (new or seasoned) or a business owner looking to expand or revisit their current investment portfolio. To get started with your registration, check the areas of Educational Topics and Investment Options that may interest you.


Educational Topics


' New Tax Codes and How that Impacts Investors

' Deferring Proceeds – IRS Code 453

' The Benefits of Using a 1031 Exchange

' How to Raise Private Money as a Viable Option to Finance your Investment

' How to Buy Real Estate with Your Self-Directed IRA or 401K

' Legal Protection

' Wills/Trusts

' Financing Options

' Paying off Mortgages Early

' How to Use Current Expenses to Create a Monthly Charitable Contribution

Investment Options


We will map and analyze current locations, competitor locations, patient/consumer origin and potential site locations based on the most current data on the market today.  Compare site locations to determine the best opportunities with the following demographic statistics: population counts, number of households, income, age, gender, employment, education attainment and market trends.  Our demographic research and industry experience will enable you to make the right decisions in choosing your next location to grow your business or your next investment.


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