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Nextage  Legacy Team

In today’s business environment you hear almost all agents voicing the same concern – “I’m not making enough money.” With market conditions being what they are, the competitive nature of the business, and the ever increasing costs of operation, agents, like their brokers, are experiencing a profit squeeze. There’s just not enough money left at the end of the month.

One way for an agent to overcome the profit squeeze is to do more business. Usually, doing more business means working longer and harder - something most agents don’t get very excited about. We don’t blame them. That’s why at Nextage we believe agents should make more money by 1) working smarter, not harder, and 2) multiplying their efforts so their income is not limited to just what they produce.

Different Philosophy

All real estate companies talk about their great training programs, and most do, indeed, have great training. And even if a company offers virtually no agent training there are plenty of places agents can go to get training. Nextage offers a complete array of training programs that enable our agents to gain the knowledge they need to become as successful as they want.

Performance and Professionalism

So, what’s the difference? The difference is that the Legacy Group doesn’t stop at training. We know that training gives agents knowledge. But only when that knowledge is combined with practical application will agents become productive. That’s why we match every agent new in the business with an experienced professional to mentor them during their first few transactions. Possessing the knowledge AND knowing how to apply it in the real world leads to performance. And when performance is combined with a deep commitment to providing quality service to the customer, professionalism is the result. That’s what we call “working smarter.”

Agent Benefits

Multiplication of Effort



No matter how productive an agent is, his/her success is limited to what he can accomplish by himself.


Henry Ford couldn’t build all his cars by himself; Bill Gates couldn’t write all his software programs by himself; and most agents can’t sell all the homes they need to sell in order to make an acceptable income by themselves.


Just like Henry Ford and Bill Gates, agents realize that they are limited in what they can accomplish when working by themselves.


The powerful Legacy business model gives agents – not just brokers – the ability to build a business and generate income beyond their own personal production.


Legacy agents earn sales bonuses when they participate in the company growth. And the sales bonuses aren’t limited to agents who are recruited to a particular franchise, marketplace, or even state. It applies to the entire team of agents that is assembled all across the country. With Legacy Group, there’s no limit to your earning or growth potential.



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