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Back Office Platform

Platform Features

Nextage backoffice system has key features agents need to fully operate in the real estate industry, all into one easy to use, comprehensive solution.


Features such as a personal fax number, transaction manager, document repository, contact database, training resources, and tools for creating and sending marketing materials can now be found in one site.


As an added bonus, each agent can choose to create a personal website for showcasing homes and offering unparalleled interaction with their clients.


Access faxes online from home, the office, or anywhere using a unique, personal fax number that directly connects into the back office system.


Easy to use transaction manager allows for all relevant documentation to be accessible at anytime and from any location.


Create print and email collateral for marketing new listings, and other services to new prospects and past clients.


Checklists keep new agents on track, and allow experienced agents to reach a new level of reliable customer service.


Approval process for files ensures accurate and complete paperwork is obtained for each and every file.

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