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The Nextage eExpertTM Success Platform

The Nextage eExpertTM Success Platform At Nextage Realty, we believe an agent's vision for their life should drive the way their business is set up, that their business should be designed to serve the lives of the agent, and not the other way around. Once you are clear about what you want for your life, there are 3 elements needed in developing that business. They are: 1. Education 2. Tools 3. Systems Our eExpertTM Success Platform addresses all 3 of these areas, allowing our Nextage agent to build a successful, sustainable business practice, one that supports the personal vision of each individual agent on our team.

There are two educational tracks to enjoy with your Nextage Realty office. The first deals with the human side of life, or what we call whole person development. The second is the business track which deal with everything from success strategies for marketing and lead generation to how to handle more clients with greater ease and efficiency.

When what we know isn't getting the results we want, doing more of what isn't working, or doing what isn't working faster won't help. What are you missing in understanding or strategies that holds you back and keeps you limited? We help you get the ideas and strategies that are relevant to your success in many different ways.

Education First

Whole Person Development


You at your best. You living at your highest potential. You living with peace of mind. You living without limits. Your income and productivity will rarely exceed you personal growth, and fulfillment doesn't come from what you make or have, but from the person you become in the process. So at Nextage Realty, we will help you look at every aspect of your life, so your ultimate success is not one dimensional.


Business Mastery


Imagine how it would feel to have your business be easier and more successful, if finding your next deal wasn't a daily struggle or even a surprise, if real estate really didn't take up much of your quality time with those most important to you. Imagine if you had new ways of doing things and were supported to keep on track, to stay your chosen course long enough to be an industry leader. Our commitment to education, training and coaching is high and a big plus for our agents.


Through national webinars, online videos and articles addressing a variety of subjects and "live" trainings, we touch the most important tools and systems every month. Our in-office "Business meetings" are more content driven giving agents a real opportunity to grow personally and develop best practices. Personal and business coaching, which many agents pay for outside their companies, is a part of Nextage Realty offices.

Tools For Success

Our eExpertTM Success Platform was designed with your success in mind. This powerful suite of tools will make you more productive and efficient. This marketing and technology platform includes lead management, a marketing library, impressive property marketing, Nextage exclusive personal brand marketing, agent websites, business and personal calendars and a paperless transaction system including a client service portal.

Systems for Productivity and Sustainability


Your eExpert transaction management system allows you to communicate easier, make transactions smoother and gives you confidence you are giving your clients the best service possible. Automated messages and materials allow you to provide the level of communication today’s clients demand. Easy to use transaction manager allows for all relevant documentation to be accessible at anytime and from anywhere in the world. Secure logins ensure that your sensitive data and client contact information remains privately available only to authorized parties. A powerful set of checklists keep new agents on track, and allow experienced agents to reach a new level of reliable customer service.

Nextage Realty offers the perfect blend of personal marketing and property marketing for attracting more clients and getting more properties sold for top dollar. Ultimately this combination of marketing, with our Nextage eExpert Success Platform, is what gives our agent associates a real chance to build a substantial and sustainable business.

Powerful Marketing

For marketing property and demonstrating high value to potential sellers, you will have simple access to personal websites, single property websites, digital

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online and offline presentations, YouTube property videos, virtual and panoramic HD property tours, a unique property blogging system to help you boost Google rankings, easy social media property postings and so much more.

Then with our unique eExpertTM custom template marketing series, you will find simple solutions to complex marketing questions. These Nextage proprietary materials will allow you to dominate your markets with high quality marketing materials not available at other companies, and for a fraction of the investment normally associated with comparable top-quality custom campaigns.


Whether or not you are web or technology savvy, the eExpertTM Success platform and tools help you get more clients and shine with the clients you have, simply and effectively.

Systems for Execution


Execution is the final key, and a very big part of our eExpert Success Platform. Having tools that are easy to access and automated systems for client service set the tone for great consistency and huge results in your business. That, along with accountability through coaching, and you are destined to reach new levels of productivity. This is how you will feel supported and that is how you will feel fulfilled in your career.

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